MYM — Part 10: Choose Your Stage

By DeeWoodward

Designing products people WANT to buy

Sales — they’re the lifeblood of your business, right? Proof that you’re onto something. Evidence that there is a market for something you’ve fallen in love with. Confirmation that your business is solving real-life problems in real life.

  • The TRIBE you wish to attract — the people who are dying to work with YOU
  • The FEELINGS you wish to inspire in the people you want to work with — to get the right people engaged, excited, and curious to be in your world.

Remember, this is all about YOU — who you want to work with and the services YOU want to offer.

The businesses you admire know exactly who they are and they know who they want to attract. They know exactly what feeling they want to inspire in you when they release something new. They know what you need. They know what you desire. Hey, they’re so deep in your head that they can almost read your mind!

Sell what you WANT to deliver

This concept goes beyond price points, it includes the type of service or product you sell. If you hate creating content, then you’re going to struggle to put together an online course. And if you love one-to-one delivery more than anything, don’t feel you have to push that to one side to focus on the one-to-many options that the experts say anyone with any sense should create!

Remember, this is YOUR business and it’s here to serve you first.

So don’t put yourself under needless pressure and fall out of love with your work because you’re trying to create what the current internet trend says you should.


That might mean going solo. But equally, your next launch may be a collaborative project that you pull together with someone you love.

So don’t be afraid to break the rules, instead

I’ve said it before, but just because a strategy worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for you. So be wary of all the advice out there. It may apply to you, but equally, it may not.


Think about how you show up best? What platforms, media, events, styles, do you feel most comfortable in. Start here.

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